The most famous Norman Door

The most famous Norman Door

This week Greg Podunovich of New York design firm Expand the Room joins Michael and Aaron to chat about the topic of design philosophy, and how it can help you make a case in support of your decisions and guide you as you create new products. Greg’s company has been working to create a toolkit based on their philosophy: purpose driven design.

We start out by looking at some of the history of design philosophy, who the influencers in the field have been over the years and what it means to adhere to a design philosophy. From Dieter Rams to Jared Spool, the truths we’ve discovered when it comes to design can be useful resources when others might try to challenge the direction you’re planning. From there, we get into how this affects web design, what resources are out there to help you improve your understanding of it, and the value it can bring you or your company.

In the course of the episode, Greg mentions a talk by Bret Victor about building tools that help people get their jobs done while being enjoyable to use. We’ve included a video of that talk below:

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