We hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day and is celebrating in a contextually appropriate manner. We’ve still got an episode for you today though, and we touch on a couple topics. Starting off, we review a little of the news from GDPR launch day, which was this past May 25th. This kicks off the new EU privacy law, and it has far-reaching implications for web developers all over the world. It’s a tough topic, featuring a huge law that is trying to do the right things, but in ways that do create interesting burdens for site operators. We’ll look at visiting this topic specifically in a future episode in a couple of months, once we’ve had time to see what the fallout looks like. In the mean time, we’ve included some links below to help you along with that.

Our main topic today covers copyright and licensing as it applies to web development. We’ll repeat here the caveat made in the show – Michael and Aaron aren’t lawyers. Plus, you know, they were drinking while talking, so it’s possible (even likely), they got something wrong at some point. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want to correct them.

That being said, understanding how copyright can impact your work as a developer or designer can be a major player in whether or not you end up in court defending your process. Not only that, but we talk about how to figure out how you choose the right license to release your projects under. Navigating all the licenses can be daunting, but we try to give you a very basic overview that should help you in figuring out what fits your future work best. This will also help you understand what it means when you contribute to a project that has a particular license versus another.

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