The Drunken UX Podcast is the realization of an idea I had starting back in 2011. At the time, the idea was… well, very different. Over time, and through the writing of many Twitter rants, the idea came to mold Drunken UX into a voice for frustration (and occasional, well-earned praise) in the web development community. Through the podcast, we’ll look at issues facing websites and developers that impact the way we all use the web. In the process, we’ll drink drinks, share thoughts, and hopefully make you laugh a little.


Michael Fienen

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I am a career web developer who’s been building sites since the dark ages of the 1990s, but chose to major in theatre in college, because I don’t know why. What I did know was that having some hard skills to fall back on would be really important, since I like doing things like… eating. I’ve worked on small sites, big sites, and now I work on sites that help other web folks find jobs. That’s a pretty cool thing, I think. I’ve written a book, spoken at events from the US to Europe, and generally like helping out other web folks be better web folks. Sometimes I succeed.

My bread and butter is in WordPress, Google Analytics and Tag Manager, and dotCMS. And this podcast. That’s a thing too.

Aaron Hill

I’m a web developer who’s been getting paid to do it for over a decade, though I got my start back in the 90s. The oldest bit of Internet I own is a sheet-feed dot-matrix printout of the script for “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” which I printed off from Gopher (the 2400 bps connection choked halfway through, around Scene 24 🙁 ).

I work as Ruby on Rails developer, after spending about a decade in Higher Ed WebDev. I also volunteer for RubyForGood as a Project Team Lead. I did an 18-month research project about Internet Memes that became a conference presentation at PSU Elements ’16 (it was not recorded, but I talked about it on HigherEdLive). I also like to bake.

If I had to pick only one framework to work in it would be Ruby on Rails.


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