Interested in becoming a sponsor or advertiser with The Drunken UX Podcast? Well, we’d love to talk to you about it. Fill out the contact form on our Talk to Us page or in the sidebar to the right, and select the “Advertiser Inquiry” option. Before that though, there’s some stuff you should know.

First off, we are a small podcast at this point in time. Hopefully like us, you would like to see that change and grow as time goes on. Part of helping make that happen is providing support for the show so that we can do more, increase the show quality, and reach more people. Our sponsors are critical to helping make that happen.

What is The Drunken UX Podcast?

There’s a lot more information about DUX on our What Is This page. In short, DUX is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Michael Fienen and Aaron Hill that talks about issues and challenges facing our industry with respect to web development and technology. Topics are broad, and will address everything from specific types of user experience applications, to events in the news, or trends in application design. We do this with a production concept that involves enjoying a choice adult beverage while we discuss the topic, and we generally have a voice that would carry a hard PG-13 rating. We swear during the show. Let’s just get that out there. If that makes you uncomfortable, then this might not be the advertising opportunity for you.

Advertise on The DUX Podcast

The Drunken UX Podcast is our core show and runs for approximately one hour and twenty-five minutes, depending on the topic being covered. Sponsorship agreements generally run for four shows (two months) at a time. A sponsorship agreement for DUX includes five elements:

  1. We will plug your service weekly on Twitter
  2. Your logo and a statement of sponsorship will appear on the bottom of the show notes pages for the episodes during our agreement
  3. Pre-Roll: We’ll drop a mention of your brand along with a link in the show introduction
  4. Post-Roll: There is a 60 second, pre-recorded post-roll ad spot

For the the in-show components, we recommend using a custom URL to improve tracking on your end. Ideally, you should keep such a link short and easy to remember. For example,, /drunkenux, or /dux are easy to convey in audio and will make sense to the user listening. Some companies will choose to offer a special discount or incentive to encourage listeners to use the URL. We can work with you to come up with an on-air-appropriate URL that is easy for listeners to remember.

Quick Q&A

How much do ad spots cost?
For the time being, we negotiate advertiser rates on a case by case basis. This is just easier, and allows us flexibility to tailor a package to the advertiser’s needs. Suffice it to say, we aren’t expensive, and cost will likely vary based on brand and demand (we’d charge Microsoft more than Jim-Bob’s Logo Design).
How many impressions will our ad get?
Right now, we’re still a small podcast reaching a niche, but growing, audience. For the time being we aren’t guaranteeing or setting rates based on impressions. As we grow, traffic stabilizes, and we get an idea of what we think makes sense, this will likely change.
How much traffic does your site/podcast get?
Some. An amount we are currently satisfied with. As above, we’re still growing, and we don’t expect to post Reply All type numbers. As such we aren’t publicly disclosing our numbers until they’ve stabilized in a way that we feel confident sharing. That doesn’t mean we won’t discuss that with your privately though.
How many shows do we have to commit to sponsoring?
Generally, at least one. However, we recommend more to improve visibility with our audience. We prefer four episodes for DUX. But, as mentioned, our main goal with advertisers is to be flexible and give them a package that fits their needs and goals, so contact us and we can work out an agreement that makes sense.
Is there a maximum number of shows we can sponsor in an agreement?
At the moment, we plan to limit runs to six episodes. If there are no other inquiries, and you wish to continue, then we will offer advertisers the option to renew. We want to give folks the opportunity, however, to get their brand in front of people. So we will rotate advertisers when interest is high.
Can we advertise if we aren’t a provider of web services of some kind?
Totally, though we do reserve the right to turn down an advertiser for any reason. Most likely, if you are totally off the beaten path, we might encourage you to find a better venue.
Can we sponsor a site/product/app/etc review episode for our brand rather than just an ad spot?
The short answer is yes. If you have something that you would like for DUX to review and commit an episode to, we are open to that, with conditions. These include, but are not limited to: we will announce that it is a paid review and that we were compensated for the production of the episode, we will provide honest and complete feedback to the best of our ability, the normal mid and post-roll ad spots will be swapped out for a simple programming plug (no advertising in the already-an-advertisement episode), probably some other things I’m not thinking of. Basically, contact us and we’ll talk it out – like above we want to do something that makes sense for everyone.

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, or wish to pursue an advertisement with us, please use the form on the Talk to Us page or in the sidebar here and we’ll answer anything we need to.