Okay, so fair warning, this week the guys kick things off talking about a horse of a different color. This isn’t web related, but Michael insisted that we talk about it. It might be a The Ring style ploy, and if so, we apologize for your eminent death. This is all about the David Lynch series Rabbits. The internet has kept alive this bizarre “sitcom” that Lynch produced in the early-aughts, and it turns out, it has become the subject of much research, such as:

A video of Rabbits is embedded below, along with videos of Too Many Cooks and Rejected Cartoons to compare it to. What do you think? Confused and somewhat disoriented? Good. Information on the rest of the episode continues after the jump.

So, the meat and potatoes of this week’s episode focuses on guest Chris Wiegman, where we look into getting started in web security. We don’t try to get too prescriptive with any one tool, but instead go over the tools whose names you should know and follow up with, and resources that will help you get better. Whether you are trying to lock down a server you use for development, or just want to write better code, we have some helpful advice for you to get you thinking about how security factors into your work online.

Check out the links below for all the resources we mentioned in the episode plus a little extra, and drop into the comments and let us know what your favorite tools are, along with what you’ve found most useful to help you learn about web security.

Followup Resources

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