On this week’s episode of DUX, we are joined by the ever lovable and often quotable Jeff Stevens from UF Health for a discussion on how to get yourself rolling with content strategy. We talk about how Jeff manages his office’s relationship with marketing, the tools they use, good resources to find and read, and where you can go to network with other people working on content strategy. Since 2009, the field for content strategy has exploded, and people often have questions about what it is, how it works, and how it differs from many of the functions that marketing helps address. We talk about where to get started to help you answer those questions, and what you can do to learn more.

Michael’s KRHA “memory book” “website” on CD-ROM

Before we get there though, Michael shares some memories from a trip to Nerd Camp back in 1998 as a Junior in high school where he found an old CD-ROM with some of the earliest digital traces of his existence. An ESU professor was forward thinking enough to build a portable web page on disk that allowed kids to go back through and look at (tiny) photos from the experience, and even included an old copy of Netscape just in case you needed it.

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