First, we apologize for Michael’s audio being a little blippity this week. That’s the technical term. As it turns out, you don’t want to run f.lux in Windows 10 while recording, just so you know. We make up for it though with Joel Goodman joining us this week from Bravery Media to talk about his transition from working on websites for other organizations, to establishing his own business.

This week, we turn our attention from the technical, and take a look at the practical. Things like what you should be considering before going out on your own, how running a business is different from simply freelancing, and tools that can make managing your work and projects easier. At some point, most web developers will spend at least some time doing side work, and sometimes that raises the question of whether or not you could be your own boss. Episode 20 offers Joel’s and our advice to help you plan for success, if you go down that road.

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