Our final Build Process for the season takes us to the local, two-man development firm DevSquared. As a Pittsburg, KS based web and mobile application development agency, they work with clients to help foster innovative technology, promote technological efficiency, and use existing technology to enhance their business.

Caleb Smith

Caleb is a developer, marketer, and entrepreneur. Since the age of 12, He has been involved in web development and building web applications to better refine his craft. His early experiences with web development were geared more towards the marketing components of development, after spending several years working within a digital marketing team, while continuing to gain valuable experience in more in-depth frontend development and UX flow.

John Kuefler

John is a developer, professor, and problem solver. Starting at a young age, he explored programming as a method to solve problems. He started out as a website developer, but quickly moved toward computer science and programming geared toward engineering solutions. Having spent several years as the lead software architect for a programming team, John gained in depth experience creating software solutions from the ground up. Add that to years of experience in the software consulting business, and a current position as a university professor, and he has seen it all.

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