Paul Gilzow

Paul Gilzow

We’re really excited to be bringing you the first episode of our new segment, Build Process. This segment will be focusing on casual interviews with other web professionals to talk about their experiences in the field. Build Process will air approximately once a month, on one of the Mondays when Drunken UX isn’t airing.

Our first interview is with Paul Gilzow, a programmer/analyst with the University of Missouri. We sat down with Paul while at the Web Accessibility Summit in Columbia, MO. He chats with us about his start as a programmer in 2000 at the university, and the evolution of their projects, including their upcoming effort to migrate a huge number of sites into WordPress. We talk about his passion for security and accessibility as well. Before we wrap up, he gives listeners some advice and perspective on having a long-term career as a developer.

After you’ve finished listening, be sure to stop by the comments and let us know what you think about this new addition to the Drunken UX lineup. We’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations, including if you know anyone that you think would make a good guest for a future episode!

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