For those of you looking for a short episode this week, sorry. This week we’re talking about learning resources to get started with and how to stay sharp if you’re looking for a career in web development and design. There were a lot of things to cover, and rather than cut things down, we left all the good bits in, so feel free to jump around in the episode. We think you’ll find something useful whether you’re new to working in the field, or been around for a while. Don’t forget to leave your favorite learning resources, books, and more below in the comments for others to check out, too!

Getting started though, if you were interested in the part during our chat at the start where we talked about the vodka industry, don’t miss Planet Money #826: The Vodka Proof. This has nothing to do with web development, but it’s an interesting story nonetheless. And we also got started by talking a bit about YouTube Kids and how it now has videos on how reptilians rule the world, and the moon landing was fake.

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Hey everyone. Sorry, we’re running behind on getting the transcript out for this week’s episode. We’ll get it posted ASAP once it’s done.

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