To everyone listening to Real-Time Overview for the first time thanks to finding us through Smashing Magazine… Hi! We’re glad you’re here. Every week we run through a few articles we think you should check out if you work in web development. If you want to share news with us, whether you’re a prolific writer, or just doing occasional work, feel free to let us know through our contact page.

We start off the week with news on Firefox’s upcoming accessibility inspector tool, which is being created to give developers more information about the way their DOM is processed by an accessibility engine. This should be a great additional resource for improving accessibility and reinforcing universal design. From there, a whole other school of thought, looking at how our current approach to JavaScript is dangerous, and why we need to pursue something else. What might that look like? There are some examples, but the it’s more about the conversation and talking about improvements, than specific prescriptions. Editorial design is an interesting concept that gets some time in the roundup. Print and web layouts have always been in a love/hate relationship, and what the CSS Grid can do for both is something good for a minute of discussion. From there, we share some strategy advice for Jared Spool, then we round out the week with yet another dive into the dark pattern pool.

Hope you find these helpful. Let the authors know if you appreciate their contributions and work, and leave a comment below if you feel compelled to share anything else with other listeners!

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