Announcing Real-Time Overview!

February 9, 2018

The Drunken UX Podcast is happy to announce a new experiment we’re bringing to our listeners: Real-Time Overview! RTO is a short segment – each one will only be about ten minutes – we’ll be producing on a loose schedule in between episode releases of Drunken UX. It’s a loose, free form supplement that will review a handful of stories in the news, or articles that have been released that we think are important or that you’ll enjoy.

So for instance, the first Real-Time Overview includes topics such as the manual WordPress 4.9.4 update, an article dealing with myths related to user scrolling, Microsoft’s attempt to turn physical drawings into code, and several more. We cover all that in under ten minutes to keep it all bite sized, and you can decide to follow up on the website for links to any of the articles in question.

Give RTO a listen, it’s available now, and let us know your thoughts. Obviously we’re insane, and we’re trying to bring a lot to the table really early, and very fast. Mistakes will happen, adjustments will be made, and your feedback will be critical in helping us shape the direction of the show as it matures.

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