This week Aaron and Michael are joined by Alaina Wiens from the StrategyCar Podcast to talk about the wild world of web strategy.

Before diving into that topic, we review Michael’s recent experience interacting with a chatbot designed by the Kansas Division of Vehicles to process car registration renewals.

The technology might be new and flashy, but does it really provide a better experience to the end user? Is it about a better experience, or just cutting costs without regard for the impact? I guess you need to listen to know. Here’s some stuff to help though (it’s worth noting, there’s a lot of really positive material out there on this topic, but it’s largely generated by people selling and/or promoting the technology):

Our main topic this week focuses on a high level look at web strategy, how it’s changed, and what you can do to trying a plan for success better through it. The topic of “web strategy” itself has followed an interesting trend as the field has matured and diversified through people specializing in different areas.

Stop by the comments after listening to the episode and share your favorite web strategy resources for others. We’ve linked some stuff to get you started down below!

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