YouTube Streaming Now Available

July 5, 2018

As the podcast continues to grow, we want to be sure we’re reaching people on as many platforms as we can, and leveraging the advantages those areas can bring to us. To that end, we’re happy to announce that starting now, the Drunken UX Podcast is also available for streaming on YouTube in addition to the various podcast apps, with specific playlists for both the DUX Podcast and Build Process. We’ve recently finished porting our entire catalog over going back to episode one. So, if that is easier or more appealing than using a podcasting application, you can subscribe to listen to the show there. For now, we aren’t including Real-Time Overview, as we feel that segment doesn’t port over as well to YouTube without additional production consideration.

You can subscribe to the DUX Podcast today at YouTube by visiting us at Moving forward, episodes will release there mostly on the same schedule as the RSS feed. It takes a little extra processing to prepare the episodes for distribution there, so there might be a slight disconnect in the times, but that should be minor. In the future, we might look at doing actual video from the recordings, but we’ll be looking at the impact that has on the production workload.