BP/RTO Scheduling Update

August 27, 2018

As The Drunken UX Podcast and its various segments have matured, we’ve been looking at ways to refine and streamline production and delivery of the show. One thing we are looking at is the release schedule and what it takes to create seven-to-eight shows every month.

Yep, you heard that right. We’re creating as many as eight episodes of our segments every month, depending on how the calendar falls. Needless to say, that’s a lot of work, and a whole lot of time, and we both have full time jobs and plenty of other commitments. So yes, the subtext is, we need to cut back a little.

Before we go farther, I want to be clear that we aren’t cutting any of the actual shows. We will be continuing with all three current segments, and they will air unchanged from a content and formatting standpoint. What we are looking at is relatively small adjustment on the surface. Instead of Real-Time Overview every Wednesday, and Build Process on the Monday in between DUX episodes, we’re going to drop RTO on the week in between DUX episodes in the middle of the month, and move BP to its slot.

Follow all that okay? Basically, the result is one fewer RTO a month, and nothing on Mondays except DUX every other week. BP moves to Wednesday roughly in the middle of the month.

This change will take place starting in September. Here’s what the release schedule will look like as an example and moving forward:

  • Sept 3: The Drunken UX Podcast: #18
  • Sept 5: Real-Time Overview
  • Sept 12: Build Process: #4
  • Sept 17: The Drunken UX Podcast #19
  • Sept 19: Real-Time Overview
  • Sept 26: Real-Time Overview

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